Saturday, June 29, 2013

Get Your Money's Worth!

I decided to dedicate this post to leather care. I wanted to do this after reading a blog where someone bashed the company that made her bag. She spent about 2k on it and after some time it began to "fall apart".
It does not matter how much your leather bag was,it needs proper care!
Below are tips on how to care for regular leather (not nubuck, exotic skins, furs, etc.)
- Leather needs to breathe! (Do not keep in plastic bags/bins)
- Leather moisturizer is important during cold weather (leather is skin after all!) Pick your moisturizer carefully and stay away from animal fats, as they are too heavy for regular leather and will cause mildew. (Over moisturizing with any productwill cause mildew!)
- Keep leather out of direct sun, it causes fading.
- Natural oils from your hands, perfume, hairspray, lotion, etc. change the pH level of the leather, causing it to break down.
-Before you use any products on your bag make sure you look up reviews and test it on a small area of the leather.
-NEVER use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on leather, it is made with crude oil and clogs the pores of the leather. Eventually the leather will begin to mildew.
Above is "Leather Honey." I use it on my leather bags when I start to notice that they are looking/ feeling dry. I use a cloth to apply and wipe off any excess moisturizer. I purchased it for less that $15 on eBay (8oz).
Above is "Apple Brand Leather Care." I purchased the combo pack for about $10 and it comes with booklet and cloth. In my experience the "leather cleaner" is very harsh and should be used in emergencies. The moisturizer also has cleaning properties so I tend to consider it a 2 in 1.
Remember: Buying a new bag and not caring for it properly is like getting a new kidney, drinking alcohol every day and expecting it to be good as new!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to My Roots

After bleaching my hair hair four times, I decided to go to the salon and get professional help. I bleached it so much in order to get out this red color that refused to get out of my hair. The stylist said the red was from a previous dye job that I had completely forgotten about! She said if she knew I had dyed it previously, she would have never let me bleach it. She said she could either cut it really short and get the color I wanted, or save some of my length and dye it brown. I chose my length! I like my hair long so it was an easy choice. Below is a picture of the hair cut.
The picture below is my hair after being styled.

Monday, December 24, 2012


I wanted to dye my hair for some time now but decided to wait until after my trip to Egypt. I want to dye it a light color (I will reveal the color soon...) but being my natural hair color is so dark, it would involve a lot of bleach. So far, I have bleached it twice and I am no where where I want to be. My hair is now three tones, blonde, orange, and red! I did not want to continue the bleaching process without the consultation of a professional, otherwise my hair would be fried. I went to my mom's trusted hair stylist and she quickly informed me that the bleach I used (Splat Lightening Bleach) was for professionals only and I am luck my hair did not fall out. She then told me "lightening your hair is a process that normally takes weeks." I told her I did not want to give up at this point and I can only keep trying. She told me that I need to bleach the ends one more time, then bleach everything over, then dye it the color I want. I'm not rushing the process right now because I wanted my scalp to heal but figured why not rock my hair while it's like this. Below is a picture of my current hair.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back from Egypt! (Abu Simbel)

I had an incredible experience in Egpyt!! Not only did I see such amazing sights but the group I toured with were plain awesome! So for this entry, I wanted to talk about my experience at Abu Simbel (in Aswan, Egypt.) We had to wake up at about 4am and take a bus to the temple. I was awake the whole time, I don't know how anyone can sleep sitting up but I digress. We had a breakfast packed for us, it was not great. It was bread, jams,cream cheese, orange juice, and a hazelnut croissant! The croissant was supposed to be the highlight of my meal but it wasn't that good and I didn't have more than two bites :(
I got to watch the sunrise which was beautiful! It rose over the endless desert, I'd never seen so much desert in my life! It was like an ocean of sand.
Finally, we got to Abu Simbel and I got greeted by a pack of wild dogs, one of which I named "Amber" because of her coat.
I thought upon arrival at Abu Simbel, I would see the temple immediately but that was not the case. The temple faces Lake Nasser and we were behind the mountain. Therefore, we had to walk around it. I took a picture of Lake Nasser as we got closer to the temple.
Finally, we reached the temple!! I couldn't look at the camera because the sun was burning my eyes! hehe. I think the shot came out well considering. Below is the picture!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Off To Egypt Today!

Today I will be flying to Egypt with my sister! It's very exciting because I have NEVER left the country so this is sure to be an experience! I'm really excited!It's for 10 day and I will do all the tourist things, including a hot air ballon ride over the Valley of the Kings!! I can't make this a long entry because I need to get ready for class now! Yes, class. I still have papers to hand in and a presentation!! See you guys when I get back ((I'll have plenty of pictures!)) Check out my last look before I go!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Travel Essentials

I am going to Egypt on friday and I decided to post some of the things I refuse to leave home without. At first, I wanted to take pictures of everything I am bringing but figured it would be way too much. Therefore, I just took pictures of the things I need daily.
Sunscreen: Coppertone, UltraGUARD, 30spf
Floss: Reach, Spearmint Waxed Floss
Night Moisturizer: Origins, High Potency Night-A-Min
Mascara: FLIRT!, Lengthening Mascara
Eye Liner: Make Up For Ever Professional, Aqua Eyes, Black
Mirror: Double Mirror, Sephora
Hair Tie: Goodie, Non-Metal Hair tie
Since I imagine the sun will be strong in Egypt, I decided to bring sunscreen. I want to get tan but still want protection from the sun, so I picked an SPF that's not too high. I brought floss because I need it! What's the point in brushing your teeth if you aren't cleaning in between?! As for the night moisturizer,I have dry skin the winter so at when I wash my face at night I need to use it to replenish the moisture. The mascara and eyeliner are the only "make-up" products I use, so they are not just a travel essential, more of a life essential. You never know when you need a mirror, so that is a must! Finally, a hair tie! My hair is long so I always keep them in my wallet(not on my wrist, it's not an accessory!!)in case I want to tie it up.
Below are pictures of the products mentioned above!

**Please excuse the spacing, I have no knowledge of HTML**
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shopping Experience

I wanted to share my experience in Urban Outfitters, as it was a good one. I was looking for shoes and found a great pair of wedges, that look like sneakers. Now I've seen shoes like this before and never understood the appeal people had with them, but when I found these I had to have them. I noticed there was only one pair and both shoe were from the same foot! I am not a pushy buyer, if they don't have it I usually leave. Just as I am thinking what to do a sweet sales person asked me if I needed help. Normally, I would just say no but I thought "why not just ask". I told her I found two of the same shoe and I needed help finding the other one. She apologized and told me she that people always move things around and she would look around for me. She came back a few moments later and said she could not find it and how sorry she was. She then told me she can order it from another store, so I agreed, only to find out no one had them. She then said she could order a pair for me from the factory and send it to my house free of charge! I asked her if they can do their with any item and she said of course!! I was so excited because I can't count the number of times I leave great items because they don't have my size or color I want. Great job Urban and your wonderful sales staff!
Above is a look featuring the wedges I referenced above. Below is a picture if a plastic bag asking you to recycle, on the floor which I felt was ironic and decided to share :)
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